How to reduce electric power and to prepare for the planned power outage.

For the people living in the service areas of Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tohoku Electric Power Company:
How to reduce electric power and to prepare for the planned power outage.
The earthquake that occurred in the Pacific Ocean near Northeastern Japan caused a major electric power supply shortage. This page contains information about how to save electric power, schedule for the planned power outage, and prepare for it.
 If you are living in an area that is scheduled for a planned power outage.
First: Confirm whether you are living in an area that will experience a planned power outage.
東北電力 Tohoku-Electric Power Co area
This information is based on the data provided by Tohoku-Electric Power Co

■Please click on your prefecture to check the group you are in.
Aomori | Akita | Yamagata | Niigata

Panned blackout map - Yahoo! Maps(Japanese)

Information source: Tohoku-Electric Power Co
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東京電力 Tokyo Electric Power Co area
This information is based on the data provided by Tokyo Electric Power Co

■For a detailed regional information, please refer to the area of your own.
Tochigi | Gunma | Chiba | kanagawa | Tokyo | Saitama | Yamanashi | Shizuoka

Planned blackout map - Yahoo! Maps(Japanese)

Information source: Tokyo Electric Power Co Tokyo Electric Power Co press release(External link)

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※Please understand that the scheduled power outages could occur slightly earlier or later than the times listed above.
※It is also possible that one or more of scheduled power outage may not be performed as scheduled above. This will depend on the power consumption status at the time of each scheduled power outage window.
※Power outages for one group might also be performed during a time scheduled for another group. This will depend on the status of the power plants.

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 Preparation for before and after the power outage

・As a precautionary measure, unplug electric appliances.

・Home appliances are usually designed to withstand power-outages, however, hard disks on PC and other appliances may get damaged and data may get lost.

・If appliances are kept plugged-in and appliances using motors are turned on at once after the power outage, fuses and breakers may get blown out and this may have impact on other electric appliances.

・All electrified homes will also have their hot water cut-off. There are also multi-dwelling homes which pump water up using electricity. Check your home system and store the necessary amount of water in water bottles, the bathtub and others containers.

・Refrigerator retains the refrigerating effect for a few hours, however, this can be boosted by moving items in freezer or frozen water in plastic bags to the fridge. If there is anything that needs to be well preserved, wrap them using these items.

・Keep cell phones charged up and prepare appliances that operate with batteries,such as a radio, for access to information. If the power outage is during the night time or early morning, prepare a flashlight.

・Depending on the area, commutes to schools and offices may be affected. Check with your school or company in advance.

・The power-outage may overlap with your meal time. Prepare your meal in advance. Note that fans cannot be switched on when you use portable gas stoves and stoves to reheat your meal.

 Save on Electricity: The first priority

■For the peak time of power consumption, Please save on electricity effectively.
The temperature is low at this time of year, so electricity consumption rises most time of around 18:00 to 19:00 or more.
Please try not to use much electricity during this peak time.

■Cutting down on power is not necessary in the case of the people who live outside the Tokyo Electric Power and Tohoku Electric Power service areas.
Currently, chain mails telling people to conserve power are being sent to the people who live in the Kansai Electric Power service areas.
As the following website mentions, there is no need to do that because the electric frequency is different between Eastern Japan and Western Japan. There is an upper limit of capacity to convert frequency and transmit electric energy.
Kansai Electric Power(External link)

■Please be aware of the dangers related to excessive power conservation.
Big aftershocks are still expected in Kanto area.
Take extra care if you burn candles for illumination. They can pose a fire hazard.
In addition, please do not keep your heaters off for longer than necessary, and keep a close eye on your health.

 Request for Power saving: For individuals

■Retrieve information on disaster from one electronic equipment
・If possible, use either the TV or the PC, but not both.
Live TV broadcasts can also be viewed from the Internet on live.
・Radio consumes less electricity than a TV.

■Know how to keep electricity consumption low
・Unplug the appliances that are not in use. Depending on the appliance, just keeping it plugged into a socket will consume standby electricity.
・Lower the temperature setting for refrigerators and do not overload them.
・Florescent lights and LEDs consume less electricity than filament light bulbs.
・Avoid using washing-machines, rice cookers and microwave ovens during peak hours as these consume a high amount of electricity.

■Keeping warm effectively
・Wear warm clothes and reduce the use of air conditioning.
・Drawing curtains is effective for heat insulation in homes.

■Drawing curtains is effective for heat insulation in homes.
・Electronic sign boards may be switched off, lights may be dimmer in shops and businesses may have irregular hours of operation. Please understand that they are also helping with the power saving efforts.

 Request for power saving: For businesses

■Turn off unnecessary outdoor advertisement signs and illuminated outdoor decorations.
If there are any of these that can be switched off without having much effect on your business, please switch them off.
There are posters available from a number of volunteers that show patrons that your are participating in power saving efforts. Please use them.
Posters for businesses participating in the power saving efforts.

■Check the appliances that consume a lot of electricity.
Air conditioning and electric kettles consume a high amount of electricity. Do not have them turned on all the time. Please control the electricity consumption level by turning them on as necessary.

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